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The Seventh Book Cover

Covers in development!

- New Adult Paranormal Urban Fantasy Romance Series

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-Editing 1st book
-30,000 words written of 2nd book
-5,000 words written of 3rd book

Twenty-three-year-old graduate student, Lea, arrives in Romania with hopes of unraveling the mysteries surrounding her destructive abilities. Little does she know that her path will cross with Traijan, the brooding, enigmatic and irresistibly sexy, professor for her class, who harbors a secret occult identity.

As they grow closer, Trai's long-suppressed powers resurface, bringing with it memories of his dark past that left his family shattered. With Trai conflicted, Lea has no choice but to delve deeper into his past — uncovering a surprising connection they never could have foreseen.

A mesmerizing twist on a Romanian folk legend, “The Seventh" marks the beginning of an enthralling series full of suspense, passion and revelation where Lea and Trai must confront a dangerous world, teeming with secrets, conspiracy and dark magic. Will their love survive the perils of this new reality, or will it threaten to tear them apart?

M/F Couple


Coming of age

Coming of Age

Fated Mates

Fated Mates

Slow Burn Romance

Slow Burn

Study Abroad

College +
Study Abroad

Forbidden Love


Sensual steam romance

Sensual/ Steamy





Novel Timeline

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April-August 2020

  • The story idea came to me in April 2020 in the early days of the Pandemic

  • I brainstormed, researched and outlined my book from April 2020 - August 2020 before I started writing.

  • I purchased Dabble - a cloud-based online writing program to write my story.

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August - September 2020

  • I wrote the first act of my novel in 30 days (20,000 words).

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September 2020 - May 2021

  • After reviewing the first act, I decided to take a step back and develop the rest of the storyline and sequential books.

  • I also read many books in my genre and completed writing exercises.

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May 10 - May 21 2021

  • In May, I took a two week vacation and finished the entire novel (122,000 words)

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June - October 2021

  • I took a month off to get some space from my book before starting the editing process.

  • After reading various guides and utilizing tools like Pro-Writing Aid, I edited my first draft and cut my word count down to 112,000.

  • Played around with cover art!

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October - December 2021

  • I gave my novel to my husband and editor Shane to review.

  • I participated in Writer's Digest 'First Ten Pages Bootcamp' where an agent critiqued my first ten pages.

  • I finished editing the second draft -- deciding to rewrite the entire novel in past tense instead of present tense, based on feedback from the agent and the hubbs.

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January - February 2022

  • I completed the third draft, cutting down the word count to 100,000

  • I prepared my first query for 'The Seventh' and submitted early January.

  • I started looking into the self-publishing route in case traditional publishing doesn't work out.

  • I began writing the second instalment!

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Updated Logo LR (7).png

March 2022 - December 2022

  • Wrote 30,000 words of book two during NaNoWriMo 2022

  • Sent to another beta reader

January 2023 - July 2023

  • Reworked entire first novel - cutting all my darlings. Got wordcount from 110,000 to 90,000.

  • Replotted all of book two
  • Plotted book three
  • Started writing book three

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