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My personal favourite writing guides, tools & templates


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Rachel Aaron Bach is another wonderful author who provides great insight into getting that first draft done and edited!

Her book 2k - 1ok is a great read and is available in print and on audible.


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I use online writing platform Dabble for my outlining & writing!

It's cloud-based, which means you'll never lose your work, and you can work offline if wifi isn't available and it will immediately sync once you are back online!

Dabble also has zero learning curve due its simplistic design and for just $10 USD a month (billed annually) this is a great affordable option for us starving artists!

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If purchasing a writing program subscription isn't in the cards, utilize google docs! It's free and cloud-based so you will never lose your work.

I can't stress that point enough. Whatever medium you choose to write your story, ensure it is cloud-based so you never go through the heartbreak of losing what you've written.

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Once your first draft is done and you're onto the editing stage, sign up for free online editing tool - Pro Writing Aid!

Pro Writing Aid scans your manuscript and provides suggestions and critique on grammar, punctuation, sentence structure & more!

It has a free plan where you can paste up to 500 words at a time, and if you wish you upgrade to a premium subscription you will have access to even more features + unlimited capacity.

(made by yours truly!)

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Outline your novel with ease using the free downloadable templates below! They will help you setup your novel according to the three act structure, and have links to KM Weiland's blog & books if you need further guidance.

* They are compatible with Microsoft Excel & Google Sheets *

If you're curious how I setup my outline on Dabble, check out this post!

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