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Chicken Soup For The Soul Spirit Of Canada Edition

"Sorry Not Sorry"

June 2017
Published under Megan Pothier

In my story "Sorry Not Sorry," I highlighted my experience studying abroad in Europe, making fun of my constant use of the word ‘sorry’ as many fellow Canadians do. 

Book Description

It’s the country that is respected across the globe. These days, everyone wants to be Canadian! And you’ll know why after you read these stories. Diversity. Whether it’s geography, language, climate, or culture, diversity is what Canada’s all about. 
This collection celebrates Canada’s rich history, its place in the world, and its multi-cultural traditions, sports, and outdoor lifestyle. Read about Canada Day celebrations, wilderness adventures, summer cottages, and winter hockey rinks. You’ll love these tales about grateful immigrants, national heroes, proud First Nations people, Canadian kindness, and helping each other. Shed a tear when you read about Canadian war heroes, and laugh when you read about uniquely Canadian outdoor “adventures.” You’ll be humming “O Canada” by the time you finish this patriotic collection of stories that come from the hearts of the people who love Canada and everything it stands for.


©2021 Luisa Raegan

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