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My Review of The Night Huntress Series by Jeaniene Frost

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

Paranormal romance has always been one of my favourite genres. Even as a child, I can remember rooting for Kate Beckinsale’s character from Underworld (2003) to end up with Michael (Scott Speedman) - Side bar - If you haven’t watched the underworld movies, add it to the list. I hope they’ve aged well.

As the vampire romance genre grew in popularity, I became even more hooked, and as the years went by, I consumed popular series such as True Blood, Twilight, The Vampire Diaries and other paranormal/celestial TV shows and books (Lucifer anyone?)

After countless hours of watching and re-watching these shows, my obsession grew to me wanting to write these types of stories and I finally did, writing a 100,000-word novel over the course of a year. It was such an amazing, fun experience and now that I’ve entered the editing phase, I realized I may be lacking the elements crucial to the genre and the audience I’m targeting. When you claim to be a paranormal romance writer but have barely read paranormal romance novels in the last ten years, can you really say you know the genre? Sure, I’ve watched a great deal of movies and television, but I honestly had not read a book in the genre, until recently.

I asked my friend Kim for recommendations on great paranormal romance writers and without missing a beat she exclaimed “Jeaniene Frost!” I had not heard of Jeaniene Frost until a mere month ago and let me tell you I can’t believe I went this long without reading her books.

In 30 days, I read the entire Night Prince series (four books) as well as the entire Night Huntress series (7 books) and one anthology and they were amazing in all aspects of character, plot and foreshadowing.

The Night Huntress series is an urban fantasy romance focusing on half-vampire Cat Crawfield and her vampire lover Bones. The novels encompass the elements of paranormal romance I love: passion, protection, mystery, but above all it has amazing characters. I especially love how badass Cat is. She is a character that can look after herself.

When talking to my friend Kim about the novels, I mentioned that I jived more with the Cat & Bones characters and books than the Vlad and Leila Night Prince spinoff (which is her favourite in the Night Huntress world) and at first; I didn’t really know why, but then it hit me. Bones, Cat’s lover, has many similarities to my husband in that they’re both incredibly cheeky, sarcastic, wicked sense of humour and above all have unconditional love and protective instincts over their loved ones. My husband may not be a vampire, but it’s not Bone’s vampirism that makes me love the character, although the description of his looks and body definitely draws me in…

Speaking of… the intimate sex scenes in these novels are extremely well written. They do go into detail, but the description is not at all cringy. I recommend these books to those looking to move from YA to urban romance. It’s got heat, but it will change your mind about raunchy sex scenes you may have heard about (there is no mention of heaving bosoms).

While I’m sad to have finished the Cat & Bones series, I am looking forward to reading the other spin-offs in the Night Huntress World.

See below for the full list of books and the recommended reading order.

Cat and Bones/The Night Huntress series

1. Halfway to the Grave

2. One Foot in the Grave

3. At Grave's End

4. Destined for an Early Grave

5. This Side Of The Grave

6. One Grave at a Time

7. Up from the Grave

The Night Huntress World series

1. First Drop of Crimson

2. Eternal Kiss of Darkness

The Night Prince series

1. Once Burned

2. Twice Tempted

3. Bound by Flames

4. Into the Fire

The Night Rebel series

1. Shades of Wicked

2. Wicked Bite

3. Wicked All Night


· Happily Never After

· Devil to Pay\

· Reckoning

· One for the Money

· Home for the Holidays

· Outtakes From The Grave

Reading order

1. Reckoning (Unbound)

2. Halfway to the Grave

3. One Foot in the Grave

4. Happily Never After (Weddings from Hell)

5. At Grave's End

6. Devil to Pay (Four Dukes and a Devil)

7. Destined for an Early Grave

8. One for the Money (Death's Excellent Vacation)

9. First Drop of Crimson

10. Eternal Kiss of Darkness

11. This Side Of The Grave

12. One Grave at a Time

13. Home for the Holidays (The Bite Before Christmas anthology)

14. Once Burned

15. Twice Tempted

16. Up From the Grave

17. Bound by Flames

18. Outtakes From The Grave

19. Into the Fire

20. Shades of Wicked

21. Wicked Bite

22. Wicked All Night

What are your thoughts the Night Huntress Series?

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